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Swift, SwiftUI & AppKit

The future of Mac software development, begins today

In October 2023, we jumped on the SwiftUI train, taking our 30 years of Mac dev experience to the next level.

SwiftUI offers us many advantages and exciting features, while helping us to be able to deliver better quality, faster, smaller and more efficient Mac apps. With the potential to make 'em work on Android and iOS in the future.

For those interested in what we used before and why we stopped, Read More

Converted apps

Mac Apps that we've already converted, or partially converted to Swift & SwiftUI.

  • Sleep Aid

    Uses some Swift

  • Sharing of code

    SwiftUI on the Mac is rapidly improving, but it's still young. As we create code to help, we'll be sharing some of it here, easing other Mac developers over to SwiftUI.

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