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Update Plans are the future

What is an update plan?

Exactly as it sounds. An Update Plan is a plan for getting product updates. Once the plan expires, you no longer receive any more product updates or support from Ohanaware.

If you don't renew, no problem as you can continue to use the last version released before your plan expired.

When you see something you need or want, simply re-new and get another number of updates included.

Why are they the future?

The traditional, buy version X, then buy version X + 1, forced developers to stockpile enough features and changes to make a compelling new version.

Subscriptions are great for App Stores, but cause confusion for customers. A number of potential customers even skip products and FREE trials if they believe a product uses subscriptions.

Update Plans solve both problems of traditional methods and subscriptions.

What happens if I don't renew?

Good news, you can continue using the last version of product available during your plan.

You'll no longer receive product updates and won't be eligible for product support, until you renew.

What about free trials?

Free trials are the best way to get to know a product. Just use the free trial and when you're ready, purchase a plan to receive updates and support.

Do I get a renewal discount?

Yes. 20% off for continuing to support Ohanaware.

App Store Update Plans?

We're hoping that one day the Mac App Store will adopt Update Plans, and put an end to the destruction that Subscriptions have caused.

Are they auto renewing?


At most the product will tell you that the update plan has expired, but you never need to worry about being charged without your approval again.

How do I cancel

It is not a subscription, you're not going to get automatically charged every X days, there's nothing you need to do.

When it comes time to renew, simply purchase a new plan when you're ready.

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