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Many of Ohanaware's products offer a no-obligation time limited trial. The length of the trial is typically 14-Days, but may vary from product to product. In the event of a product failure outside of the trial period, Ohanaware's first response is to attempt to resolve the fault. In certain circumstances where the fault cannot be resolved in a reasonable time frame, Ohanaware may authorize a refund.

"App Store" Sales

Some of Ohanaware's applications are available on the Mac App Store, and some may offer a no-obligation time limited trial. For applications that do not, refunds can only be processed by Apple. Apple do not provide a mechanism that enables us to do so.

We do ask that those who're experiencing problems, Contact us first to see if there is anything we can do to resolve those issues.


Ohanaware offers a limited warranty, generally the warranty is offered from the date of purchase to the end of the lifetime of a product version or in regards to update plans, for the same period of time as the update plan. Ohanaware commits to attempting to resolve issues within a reasonable time frame. Should Ohanaware be working on an issue and the warranty time frame has expired, Ohanaware will extend the customers warranty period.


While we endeavour to test our software to the best of our capabilities, Ohanaware cannot be held accountable for damage, destruction, injury or fatality arising from the use of their software.

Sharing of license keys

You agree that you will NOT share your license keys, each key is limited to the use of the key owner. Any keys that have been determined to have been shared, can be disabled by Ohanaware, a replacement key will then need to be purchased from Ohanaware.

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