See what your Mac does
when it should be asleep

Sleep Aid is designed to monitor your Mac's sleeping habits, helping to identify potential wasted energy. Sleep Aid can be used to improve your Mac's quality of sleep, reduce energy usage and increase battery life. Download the FREE trial today.

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Sleep Aid 1.3 released July 25th 2023, requires Mac OS X 10.13.6 and an Admin user account.
Sleep Aid comes with a FREE no-obligation 14-Day trial.

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Easily visualize your Mac's sleeping habits

Sleep Aid, Sleep History Viewer, showing an Intel Mac with sleeping problems.

The Sleep History Viewer, maps out your Mac's sleeping habits, including when it didn't sleep, when it was pretending to be asleep (screen & sound were off, but the Mac never slept), apps that prevented sleep, apps that keep the Mac in insomnia, Insta-wakes, OS updates, restarts, settings were changed and more. The sidebar shows more details of the selected item in the history viewer.

Sleep Check Window, listing a bunch of apps, running on macOS Sonoma

Sleep Check allows you to see which system settings or apps are currently preventing your Mac from sleeping.

Menu item widget on macOS Sonoma

Menubar Item shows details about the last sleep. Apps or settings that prevent sleep are also shown here.

Improve your Mac's sleep,
reduce your energy footprint

The less time your Mac is doing things during sleep, the less electricity it uses. Which not only reduces your energy usage (and saving a little coin), it increases the standby time and battery life of a mobile Mac, giving you more battery to get things you need done.

Sleep Aid is designed for efficiency.

During Sleep, Sleep Aid uses less CPU than some Apple system processes. When it comes to Sleep Aid updates, Sleep Aid only downloads update that are specifically for your Mac, saving disk space, bandwidth and energy.

Necessary options to refine your
Mac's quality of sleep

Sometimes improving sleep & energy usage can be as simple as quitting an application or disconnecting a peripheral.

Sleep Settings, enables control over system sleep options, and our Better Sleep Controller.

  • Disable Wi-Fi during sleep Prevents unwanted network wakes.
  • Disable Bluetooth during sleep Prevents headphones, tracking tiles & phones from waking your Mac.
  • Delay Background Tasks by Decades On some Macs this can safely reduce the number of wakes.
  • Pause Apple Music during sleep Allows Mac to fall asleep while Music is playing.
  • Run shell scripts before and after sleep

How to resolve the most common
Mac sleeping issues

Download the FREE trial of Sleep Aid today and
see how you can improve the energy usage of your sleeping Mac.

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