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Diagnose & Solve Mac sleeping issues with Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid, Sleep History Viewer, showing an Intel Mac with sleeping problems.
Sleep Aid icon - Showing a 2021 iMac with Z symbols coming from the screen
Sleep Aid 1.2.2 - Mar 25th '23
Mac OS X 10.13.6 ~ macOS 13
Intel or Apple Silicon Mac
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Diagnose Mac Sleep Problems

On wake, Sleep Aid sifts through Power Management messages and settings, Looking for anything it considers to be abnormal.

  • When the Mac was pretending to be asleep.
  • When the Mac suffered Unusual Insomnia, Excessive Insomnia and Long Insomnia
  • When the Mac awakes shortly after being sent to sleep.
  • When the Mac was woken by Notifications, Bluetooth, Siri and others.
  • When Sleep Settings, Sleep Aid or the macOS was changed.

Sleep History

The "Sleep History" makes it easy to see what your Mac is doing while you're away, it displays sleep events in a familiar calendar form.

Selecting a sleep event, reveals details and suggestions in the sidebar of the window.


The Overview panel of the "Sleep History" can display items that Sleep Aid determines are potential problems, Insomnia reasons, Screen Wake reasons, and includes a chart of daily insomnia time.

Insomnia Activity

Select an insomnia event in the History View to see which apps or services needed your Mac to be awake, and for how long.

Efficient Updates

When updating, Sleep Aid will only download the specific app for your Mac. Saving time, electricity and storage space.

Sleep Check

Sleep Check Window, listing a bunch of apps

The "Sleep Check" window can be used to check certain sleep settings or applications that might be keeping your Mac from falling asleep. Settings can be fixed there and then, while app must be manually quit.

Better Sleep Controller

The "Better Sleep Controller" within Sleep Aid enables Sleep Aid to disable some system services when the Mac screen goes off, helping the Mac to fall asleep, and to sleep more soundly. Those services are then re-enabled on wake.

Disable Bluetooth during Sleep

Sleep Aid can switch off Bluetooth during sleep, which prevents bluetooth devices from waking your Mac, devices such as headphones, mice, tracking tiles and others.

Sleep Settings

Use the "Sleep Settings" window to disable or enable sleep related options or configure the "Better Sleep Controller". Which can help to resolve Sleep troubles, or simply reduce the amount of times the Mac experiences insomnia when it's not in use.

14-Day FREE trial

Take advantage of the no-obligation 14-Day FREE Trial today, see if Sleep Aid can help your Mac get better rest. At the end of the trial, purchase a license to continue enjoying the benefits of Sleep Aid.

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What's Included?

With every purchase of a Sleep Aid license, you get 1-Years worth of Sleep Aid updates and support. At the end of the license, simply renew to keep receiving the latest versions and support from Ohanaware.

Licenses require manual renewal. If a license is not renewed, customers can continue using the last version they're entitled to.