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We work to protect your privacy where we can

Privacy is a hot topic in the software industry. At Ohanaware we value the trust between our customers and our small company, so we're careful about how we handle customer data and take steps to protect our customers and their private information.

If you have any concerns or realize we're not doing our best, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

Downloads from our site

We do not record any information when a product is downloaded from our own website. Nor do we record visitors to our site.

Sales made via our site

Our current payment processor of choice is FastSpring's Privacy Policy

App Store Sales & Downloads

Sales or downloads made through the Mac App Store are all handled by Apple. Apple do not share any of that information with us, there isn't even a way for us to validate a purchase.

Apple's Privacy Policy

Updates from our site

Some Apps use a non-invasive update system. They may download a data file and compare the contents of that file against system metrics locally on your Mac.

Some Apps may submit basic non-identifiable information (CPU, App Version & OS Version) when displaying a product update page. These details are used for display only, and not recorded.

App Store Updates

The App Store update solution is a sealed box, we do not know how Apple does it or what Apple does with any information submitted to their store.

E-mail Interactions

E-mails may be kept on our servers for upto 4 years, and are only used for support or product improvement purposes.

E-mails are never shared with 3rd parties, nor is any private confidential information.

Customers are NOT auto-enrolled to our mailing list. That is optional.

Contact e-mails include the following non-identifying information.

* On Intel based Macs, our products read the last 4 digits of the hardware serial number, to identify the Marketing name from a list stored within the macOS. The serial number is never recorded, nor sent to anyone.

Optional Mailing List

We use GoDaddy's "E-mail Express Marketing" software to handle the mailing list. All subscriber information is stored by GoDaddy, we do not take a copy of subscriber information, nor do we pass it onto any third party, no matter how they ask. We only use this information to send out notices of new applications, application updates and any promotions.

GoDaddy's Privacy Policy

Interactions via social media

We do not record any information about the interactions we have with our customers on various social media sites, except if we need to follow up with a customer at a later date.

The privacy policies of the social media sites/apps can be found at their respective web sites.

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