Mac App Store integration
for Xojo Developers

OWStoreKitBridge does not work with Xojo's "API 2.0 DesktopControls"

If you're a Xojo customer who has adopted API 2.0 DesktopControls, we advise you to look elsewhere for a solution as we currently have no intention of re-writing it to conform with non-sensical changes.

   Version 1.0 PR 3 - Mon, Jan 3rd 2022
Requires Xojo 2020r1.2 & macOS 10.13 or newer
NOT API 2.0 DesktopControls compatible.

Prerelease version 3 - includes improvements for Xojo 2021r3

If you're building Mac App Store applications with the Xojo development tool, this FREE Mac App Store Receipt Verification class is for you.

The OWStoreKitBridge is the latest Mac App Store receipt verification code from Ohanaware. It uses a whole new design to fit in with Apple's StoreKit, now that the classic Mac receipt verification functions have been moved to legacy.

The example project includes everything need to provide a customer friendly receipt verification process, even allowing for receipt verification failures due to internet service issues, remote server issues or even logic issues.

Full source code provided, including the components needed from the Ohanaware App Kit to make it work.

This project also debuts OWCallBackExpress technology, which reduces the time needed to redirect events from the Xojo framework to the correct function, to within 2 microseconds no matter how many objects are registered. OWCallBackExpress is the result of months of research into improving this delay, which helps to improve Xojo built Mac Apps and App Kit integration.

The OWStoreKitBridge still uses original receipt data decoder provided by Thomas Tempelmann.