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Code signing options

Selecting a code signing identity.

Click the menu to see the signing identity selector. If there are no identities then please see how to install code signing certificates.


Select when the app is website distribution on your site or other websites.

 App Store

Select when the app is for the  App Store.

Certificate statuses

App Sandbox

Required for new apps submitted to the  App Store.

Designed to minimize risk to the computer if the app becomes compromised. Various features & functionality are disabled with this option. Use Capabilities to re-enable some of the functionality.

Not all functionality can be re-enabled or is accepted on the  App Store


Required for website distribution.

Designed to prevent a the app from becoming infected. Restrictions with this protocol are less severe, but can still cause functionality to no longer work. Use Capabilities to re-enable some of the functionality.

Uses Entitlements

Optional used to re-enable functionality for Hardened Runtime.

Process menu

Contains the following options.

Page Selector

Where the current page is selected, the page's contents are displayed on the right.

Source App

When an application has been set (to be processed), its icon and basic information is displayed here.

To add an application, choose from the following.