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Manage Certificates

Where to download?

If you need to download and install any core certificates such as

Visit apple.com/certificateauthority/

To download your code signing certificates visit developer.apple.com/account/resources /certificates/

Which certificates do I need?

To ship applications on a company website you need to download the following certificates.

To submit applications to the  App Store, you'll need the following certificates.

Install Certificates

Double click the downloaded certificates to install them into the Keychain Access. From there App Wrapper will be able to see and use them.

Remove Certificates

To remove expired or invalid certificates, please follow these steps.

  1. Open Apple's "Keychain Access".
  2. Use the right hand search field and enter in the name of the certificate.
  3. If needs be, select a different view from the left hand list. Big Sur customers, this is now under the toolbar.
  4. Right click on the certificate and select "Delete" from the menu.