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HDRtist NX2

The Power to Create Magic

HDRtist 2

Real HDR, Really Easy

App Wrapper

App Packaging tool

SVG Converter

Converts SVG to PDF, PNG

Product updates that we're working on

HDRtist Pro

Midrange HDR app

About Ohanaware Co., Ltd.

Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and it's perfect for the husband & wife team, who met on the island of Kauai.

Since '06, Joy Sha & Sam Rowlands have been building top ten, award winning apps. Their most notable applications include Funtastic Photos, which set the benchmark for modern photo editing. HDRtist, HDRtist Pro & HDRtist NX which has over 200,000 users world wide. App Wrapper, which is the #1 third party product to help developers prepare their apps for the App Store.