Aqua Swatch

Match Colors, Materials, Icons & Labels

    Aqua Swatch is Mac only. Use a Mac running macOS 10.10 or newer to download.
   Version 2.0.3 - Wednesday, January the 5th 2022
Requires macOS 10.13.6 or newer
Aqua Swatch - Match Colors, Materials, Icons & Labels with the macOS | Product Hunt Download

Would you like the colors, materials, text and icons in your Mac Apps to be consistent with the macOS, Apple's Mac Apps and other 3rd Party applications?

Of course you do, so use our Aqua Swatch to compare system colors, materials and icons to find the best match.

Covered Categories

  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Vibrancy
  • NSImages
  • Folder Icons
  • Volume Icons
  • Toolbar Icons
  • Other Images
  • Classic Icons
  • Cursors
  • CoreType Icons
  • Labels

Other Features

  • Toggle light & dark mode in each swatch window.
  • View NSColors dynamically or rasterized.
  • View NSVisualEffectView's materials using behind or within blending.
  • View system icons available when using NSImage imageNamed.
  • Make the window, shadowless or transparent for better matching.
  • Search through the list of colors, materials and icons.
  • Shows OS version compatibility (when info is available).
  • Vibrancy playground

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