Tuesday, July 13, 2021


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App Wrapper 4.3 Release

Now available for macOS Big Sur with 46 new features, fixes and improvements.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 - Sam Rowlands

This post should have been published on July the 6th 2021. Because of site issues, it was delayed.

Since 2011 Ohanaware have been developing their premium post-build processor, aiding developers to process their applications for Apple's App Store and Apple's Notarization process. Version 4.0 is the fourth re-write of the product, taking everything that Ohanaware have learned in the last 9 years and re-employing that knowledge to create a modern, more assistive, more discoverable, more capable and importantly, more expandable product for todays post-build requirements.

Version 4.3 includes 17 new features, 12 improvements and 17 bug fixes.

Notable changes to this release.

App Wrapper 4.3 was built with Xojo, using the Ohanaware App Kit 2021, and wrapped with App Wrapper 4.3.


Pricing and Availability

App Wrapper 4.3 is a FREE update to all participants of the Omegabundle 2021, and to customers with a valid Update Plan. App Wrapper 4.3 is also available from the Ohanaware Website. App Wrapper 4.3 offers a no-obligation 14 Day trial. The RRP of App Wrapper 4.3 is $49.99 (USD) for a single user 1-Year Update Plan. Customers with a valid Update Plan can upgrade to App Wrapper 4.3 at no additional cost. Customers with expired Update Plans can extend their plans for $39.99 (USD). Ohanaware currently uses FastSpring to handle payments on the Ohanaware website.