Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Ohanaware App Kit 1.1 Release

Now includes the OWStackView, VDS Picture Button and folderitemReference

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - Sam Rowlands

Version 1.1 Highlights

OWStackView - the easy way to provide a scrolling interface in a Xojo made application. Has 3 display modes. Alternating rows (like the screenshot above, which supports desktop tinting), solid color or transparent. This control is used throughout App Wrapper 4 (coming soon).

VDS Picture Button - A OWPushButton subclass created by Valdemar De Sousa. Assign this class two pictures and it will swap between them on mouse over.

folderitemReference - This brand new class for Xojo restores Xojo made applications ability to track files while the application is running. Simply create a folderitemReference from a folderitem and use that when you need to load or save. This helps solve Feedback #58327

Existing customers will receive their App Kit update via e-mail, new customers can purchase the Ohanaware App Kit from https://ohanaware.com/appkit/.

Version 1.1 - September 29th 2020