App Wrapper 4

    App Wrapper is Mac only. Use a Mac running macOS 10.13.6 or newer to download.
   App Wrapper 4.5 - Tuesday, Aug 30th 2022
Requires macOS 10.13.6 & Xcode 10 or newer
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App Wrapper is our premium Post-Build Processor for the macOS, used by 100s of developers to prepare their macOS applications for the Mac App Store and distribution on their websites.

  • Code signing
  • Entitlement editing
    • App Sandbox
    • Hardened Runtime
  • Property list editing
  • Framework fixing
  • Meta data cleaning
  • Architecture cleaning
  • Language cleaning
    • Auto-Partial removal
  • Icon creation
  • Help Book generation
  • Content adding per channel
  • Create Zip files
  • Create Apple Installers
  • DMG creation with
    • DMG Canvas
    • DropDMG
  • Mac App Store Submission
  • Notarization
  • Checking engine
  • Xojo IDE Integration

Handsome Interface

Never described an interface as handsome before, I mean it's not quite breathtaking, but it is practical and sharp looking.

Designed from the ground up, working with Tim Parnell from Strawberry Software, the interface was crafted to save your time by improving accessibility, grouping things logically, and attempting to make the most needed options as available and clear as we could.

Paying attention to the design cues in Apple's recent OS releases, we were able to design the interface so that it feels right at home in macOS Big Sur, while continuing to look dapper on macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra.


Mo power to App Wrapper

Designed for Big Sur

Performs a complete code sign of nested items (in order) for debug builds.

Plist Editor

Now built-in, offering list editing, XML editing and search ability.

Dynamic Text

App Wrapper can replace constants in fields, plists & entitlements on wrapping.

SF Symbols

Rasterize SF Symbols to multi-rep TIFFs for use in older macOS versions.

DropDMG support

App Wrapper now uses DropDMG as well as DMG Canvas for making DMGs.

Submit to App Store

Send wrapped apps directly to 's App Store from App Wrapper.


Xojo Integration

A key driving factor behind App Wrapper 4 is being able to use App Wrapper for debugging, especially as Arm based Macs require all apps to be code signed. This created two major improvements over AW3.

App Wrapper 4 is seriously faster than AW3. Capable of analyzing, processing, and code signing macOS apps as fast as 1/3rd of a second, and we're still working for even better performance.

The second major improvement was a complete overhaul of the scripting system, limited options can now be configured directly in the Xojo IDE and configured from project constants.


Improvements Galore


Fastest was 300 ms, with analyzing, modifying & complete code signing.

Icon Editor

Create icons from a single image (with templates) or compose multiple images.

Unified Progress

Wrapping, Archiving and Apple submission is all done from one place.

Checking Engine

Redesigned to cover more ground and provide clearer information.

Identity Selector

Reimagined many times to provide a clear overview of identities and their status.

Xojo Integration

Overhauled scripting system allows options to be edited directly in Xojo.

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