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5 exposure HDR capture of Wanlitong, Taiwan. Processed with Ohanaware's HDRtist Mac HDR softare on macOS 10.14

hdrtist nx
power to
make magic

5 exposure HDR capture of Wanlitong, Taiwan. HDRtist NX is able to recover the tiny details.

Hdrtist power to make magic

HDRtist NX Overview video
HDRtist NX Overview video

We're sorry to announce that HDRtist is no longer being developed. This page is here as a reminded of what we accomplished. Why we chose to retire HDRtist

Half Dome from Glacier point lookout, edited in HDRtist NX 2.2 powerful Mac HDR software
3 Exposure HDR captured at Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.A. Enhanced with HDRtist NX 2.2.

Why Choose Hdrtist nx?

Really easy HDR

1-Slider editing, 1-Click Styles, most options within a couple of clicks, makes it a cinch to get going.

Incredible value for money

HDRtist NX 2.2 contains 90+ options for adjusting the tonality, color and details of your images.

Polaris, 8th gen processor

Designed from the ground up to specifically extract and enhance detail in your images.

HDRtist NX 2.2 Mac HDR software compared to a more expensive Mac HDR application.
HDRtist NX 2.2Competitor's HDR

Tone mapping To The Edge

Retains detail in high contrast areas, reducing "Halos". If you like "Halos", it can be disabled.

Ohanware's HDRtist NX Mac HDR app, compared with a more expensive Mac HDR application.
TTTE = DetailWithout TTTE = halos

128-Bits Per Pixel resolution

Uses the highest channel resolution available, enabling greater detail extraction and color adjustments.1

use 1 or more, JPEGs or RAW

Auto Exposure Bracketing, manual exposures, single RAW, single JPEG, all work with HDRtist NX.

Color Enhancing Tools

Features like "Variance", "Booster" or "Richness", bring images to life, without blowing out detail or color.

The color processing in Ohanware's Mac HDR application, HDRtist NX2, compared to a more expensive mac HDR app.
Variance & BoosterSaturation

Local adjustments

12 Extra filters can be used to smoothly improve, fix or stylize a specific area of your HDR image.

  1. Uses a resolution of 4,228,250,625 per channel per pixel, which is much greater than a resolution of simply 255 per channel per pixel.
A single RAW image that was processed in HDRtist NX 2.2, Ohanaware's Mac HDR application. Demonstrating how our HDR app is able to recover so much more detail from a single RAW image when compared with more expensive Mac HDR applications.
Single RAW image (London, U.K.) - HDRtist NX compared with "normal" rendering of RAW.

capture how you want

incredible raw processing

Use a single RAW image with HDRtist NX, to extract amazing levels of detail, as shown above.

Multiple images (inc. RAWs)

Works with the Auto Exposure Bracketing on your camera, or manually captured sets of exposures.

Tripod not required

Image alignment stacks multiple exposures to get the best level of detail, perfect in a pinch.1

A before and after demonstrating the capability of the alignment function that's used in our Mac HDR application HDRtist NX 2.2.
Aligned exposuresBefore

Single JPEG image

Our engine even processes single JPEG images captured with your phone or digital camera2.

Even single JPEG images can be processed in our HDR app for the Mac, the left hand side shows what we're able to do with HDRtist NX 2.2, while the right hand side shows the original image.
Single JPEG; AfterBefore

In-camera panorama

Used your camera or phone's panaroma mode for a breaktaking shot? HDRtist NX handles these too2.

Apple Photos support

Use the Photos selector, or right click an image in Photos and select "Edit" > "HDRtist NX" to edit them3.

  1. For the best quality we still recommend using a tripod and low ISO values.
  2. Standard JPEG images captured with a phone or camera, do not contain as much data a multiple exposures or a single RAW image.
  3. To get RAW images stored in Photos, use the information to look up the file name, then use Spotlight to find the file on disk and then drag it into HDRtist NX. This is by Apple's design, we're investigating ways around this.
The HDR of this little Fiat was captured many years ago in Switzerland, we re-processed the HDR using HDRtist NX 2.2 for the Mac, to make it far more dramatic and show much more detail. It easily outperforms a more expensive competitor.
3 exposure HDR captured in Switzerland. Processed and stylized with HDRtist NX's Extra filters.

40 1-Click Styles included

Great way to get started

With 40 1-Click Styles available, it's easy to click through to find a style you like.

Multiple ways to view styles

There's 3 view modes, large, medium and small. Find the style size that's most comfortable for you.

Make your own styles

Settled on a way you like your HDR images, save the settings as your very own 1-Click Styles.1

Need inspiration?

Not sure how an image should look? Simply have a play with the 1-Click Styles to get some ideas.

  1. You can create as many 1-Click Styles as you like.
Another older HDR captured in Switzerland, originally I never liked what I was able to create with this HDR, that is until I re-processed it using HDRtist NX 2.2, our HDR application for the Mac. I love the way how the detail pops, yet it looks totally realistic and the colors are pretty natural (in my opinion). Again a more expensive competitors product wasn't able to match our application in terms of colors or detail.
3 exposure HDR captured in Switzerland. Showing increased detail, natural and boosted colors.

25+ Extra Filters on top

Local adjustments

Adjust exposure, contrast, detail and color of an area (Color Overlay warms the lower part of this image).

This HDR is of my boy, overlooking the valley during monsoon season, the sun was peeking through the gap in the clouds and the horizon. Using the gradient masking of the Color overlay filter, I was able to warm up the ground, making it seem more magical, while also emphasizing the texture in the clouds. Processed with our Mac HDR application, HDRtist NX 2.2 running on macOS 10.14.
Color OverlayWithout


Use the new masking to highlight an area, while the rest is gradually blurred out of focus.

I've always liked the Tilt-Shift effect and so wanted to demonstrate that we've bought it to our Mac HDR application, HDRtist NX 2.2. This HDR was captured in Hong Kong, and edited on macOS 10.14.
DefocusedWithout defocusing

White balance

A brand new White Balance algorithm which can be applied to the whole image or just an area.

Localized adjustmentOverall adjustment

black & white

Now with masking, and 4 different black & white settings.

Black & WhiteOriginal photo

Local Contrast

Use the local contrast filter to increase visible detail in specific areas of an image.

Stackable & Duplicates

The Extra filter system in HDRtist NX was designed to handle multiple copies of a filter, working on different areas.

A 3 exposure HDR captured in Danshui, Taiwan. Processed and stylized with HDRtist NX.

Pro features as standard

Local adjustments

12 Extra filters can be used to smoothly improve, fix or stylize a specific area of your HDR image.

Two comparison modes

Use Split-View or side-by-side to compare the HDR with the medium exposure or unprocessed image.

Advanced cropping

Crop by multiple preset ratios, multiple preset sizes or freeform. Save your own custom ratios and sizes.

Export to 12 file formats

JPEG (optionally Progressive), TIFF (8, 16 or 32-Bit and compression), HEIF, PSD + others.

Wide Gamut color support

Supports P3 compatible displays and color profiles, including ProPhoto RGB, a.k.a ROMM.

Meta data editing

Set the artist name, copyright, contact info, keywords and description without leaving HDRtist.

large previews

Auto hide the sidebar, titlebar, or both for full screen or full window editing.

Save history

Every time you save, a new version is created. They can be marked for easy recognition and comparison.