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HDRtist NX


HDRtist NX for Mac; main interface showing a 3 exposure 128-Bit HDR, as well as the new modern futuristic interface.
3 Exposure 128-Bit HDR merged & edited in HDRtist NX. Mouse over the image to reveal the unprocessed medium exposure.

Buy $29.99 DownloadVersion 1.1
macOS Yosemite logo Minimum system requirements
2012 Mac with i5 processor & macOS 10.10 - 10.11 recommended
4GB of RAM - 8GB recommended
Note: Core 2 Duo machines should run 10.11 El Capitan.


HDRtist Pro upgrade program

If you have HDRtist Pro registered and installed on your computer, simply download the latest version and it will automatically offer you the upgrade pricing.

If you do not have HDRtist Pro installed and registered on your computer or you purchased after December the 1st 2016, Use the e-mail address to contact us and include a copy of your original purchase receipt or serial number.

What is HDR and HDRtist NX?

HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range Imaging". Long story short; it's a means of compensating for digital cameras not being able to handle as much light as the human eye. HDR works by 'compressing' a wider range of light into a range that can be displayed on computer, phones, tablet and TV screens.

HDRtist NX is the third installment in the HDRtist series of applications that we started back in 2009. NX is our absolute latest and most advanced, featuring technology that we've been improving since 2009, and brand new tech that we've developed in the last few years. Its a massive accumulation of our dedicated research and development.

fresh interface, strangely familiar

Futuristically inspired, yet easy & fun to work with

The futuristic interface of the latest Mac HDR application HDRtist NX. In these images we see the split-view and also the iron man inspired progress wheel

save time by using one-click styles

use one-click styles as a base. create & share your own

The 1-Click Styles interface of 2017's newest Mac HDR application, HDRtist NX. Did you know that Ohanaware invented 1-Click Styles back in 2008 with their photo editor Funtastic Photos?

Multiple, single images, iphone hdrs

hdrtist nx is the tool for hdrs of all shapes and sizes

taste the future of hdr processing

there's so much already in hdrtist, plenty more to come

1. Due to how Apple's "Photos" works; HDRs created via dragging images from Apple's "Photos" and dropping into HDRtist NX cannot be regenerated at this current time. A future update should workaround this limitation.

2. Test carried out on a 2012 Retina MBP with 16GB of RAM and 1GB of GPU memory. Actual processing times are dependent upon the machine's memory, graphics card and processor. A 50 megapixel image on a 8GB 2015 MacBook took 3.5 minutes to process.