Monday, November 8, 2021


Notched Up Application Icon

New App: Notched Up

Ohanaware's Notch simulator for the Mac

Monday, November 8, 2021 - Sam Rowlands

Notched Up is not currently available from the Mac App Store, it has been "In Review" at Apple since the 3rd of November 2021. Apple have not provided any information as to why the review is taking an extraordinary amount of time, especially for such a small application. We will update this information when and if more information becomes available.

Notched Up was designed to aid developers by displaying a close to real life Notch on their existing screens, which allows developers to see what menus do not fit on the left side of the Notch, without having to purchase both the 14" and 16" MacBook Pro.

Once developers can see which menus do not fit on the left side of the Notch, developers can then make a decisions as to what do about the menus in their applications, such as combining menus, re-naming menus, using icons instead of labels or culling some menus.

Notched Up can also be used to add a Notch to application screen shots, helping to illustrate an application's compatibility with Apple's Notched MacBook Pros.

Alternatively, Notched Up can simply be used for fun, adding a cosmetic fake Notch to a screen.


Notched Up was built with Xojo in conjunction with the Ohanaware App Kit, and wrapped with App Wrapper.


Pricing and Availability

Notched Up is available today from the Ohanaware web site, we're hoping that Apple will allow Notched Up on the Mac App Store shortly. Notched Up is freeware.

Notched Up Product Webpage