Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Ohanaware AppKit Icon


A Xojo Listbox subclass that bring overlay scrollers and wallpaper tinting to this highly versatile control.

There's a ton of stuff in OAK 2021 (debuts with Omegabundle 2021), but today I'm going to show y'all one thing.


This Listbox subclass, accomplishes two of the three things that I've been wanting to fix with the default Listbox for years.

Personally not a fan of Wallpaper Tinting, but regular listboxes stick out like sore thumbs on Dark mode, well not anymore.

Once you've embedded OAK2021 into your Xojo project, initiated it in the Open event of your application, you simply change the class of your listboxes to OWListboxForAqua. Configure how you want the scrollbar and background.

Note: If you use Listboxes on PagePanels or TabPanels you need to hide the background on changing panels.

Sub Change() Handles Change if me.value <> listbox1.panelIndex then listbox1.backgroundHide End Sub

Watch the video, play with the demo app and if you have any questions, you know where to reach me.