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Wrapping for the Web

Follow this guide to get started. Once you've completed the entire process once and everything is working, you can then enable the options so the almost all of the process is automated.

  1. Drag the application into the App Wrapper welcome window or select "Open" from the "File" menu and choose the application.
  2. Select the code signing identity from the menu under the code signing heading in the left hand sidebar. If the identity to use is not listed see Manage Certificates on how to install code signing identities.
  3. Select "Website" in the code signing section of the left hand sidebar.
  4. Select "Hardened" in the same section.
  5. Select "Uses Entitlements" in the code signing section.
  6. Unselect "Auto-Pack" on the "Packing" Page, as we don't want it to create archives for us just yet.
  7. Select "Wrap" from the "Process" menu at the top of the window, as the app needs to be tested.
  8. Once AW has wrapped the application, double click the icon in the right hand side of the window.

The Hardened Runtime security protocol adds restrictions to the application. If the application doesn't work, see Hardened Runtime Issues for info on solving the most common issues.

Once everything is working, lets begin packing.

  1. Switch to the "Packing" page, by selecting "Packing" from the left hand sidebar.
  2. Configure which archive formats App Wrapper should make and their options.
  3. Under the "Submit to Apple" section, either select your submission account or register an account with App Wrapper.
  4. Select "Pack" from the "Process" menu at the top of the window, this will perform the packing stage.
  5. Once Packing is complete, click on the "Notarize" button next the archive in the right hand side of the window.
  6. Give it a few minutes, and the application should be Notarized.
  7. If there are problems, the error will be displayed in the window and the Notarization Issues document should help resolve those issues.

Now that the process has been performed manually and any problems been resolved, we can enable the automation options.

  1. Select "Auto-Pack" from the top right hand corner of the "Packing" page, so that App Wrapper will create the archives after wrapping.
  2. Select "Notarization" next to "Auto-Submit" in the "Submit to Apple" section of the "Packing" page.
  3. Follow the guide Integrating with Xojo so this happens when you build the application in Xojo.