Ohanaware App Kit

Power Up Xojo Made Mac Apps

    App Kit is Mac only. Use a Mac running macOS 10.13.6 or newer to download.
   Version 2021.1 - Mon, June 21 2021
Requires Xojo 2019r3 or newer
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The Ohanaware App Kit 2021 is currently sold exclusively via the Omegabundle.
A fantastic bundle of Xojo developer tools worth over $3,871 for $399.99.

The Ohanaware App Kit is a massive collection of declares, delegates, classes and controls to elevate Xojo made Mac Applications to the next level.

With this kit you're getting the same source code that we use in our award winning Mac applications like our App Wrapper and our photography application HDRtist, Permissions Reset, Aqua Swatch or even our little Iconographer Mini.

Which means as we improve our Xojo built Mac applications, we issue App Kit updates, which help improve your Xojo made Mac applications also.

A taste of what's new in 2021.1


  • Reworked scrolling handlers
  • Smoother collapse animations
  • Insert & append animations
  • Content reveal animations
  • Floating / Sticky headers
  • Insets


  • Listbox Subclass
  • Overlay scrollbars
  • Wallpaper Tinted row backgrounds
  • Classic Wide style
  • Big Sur inset style


  • Supports header rows
  • Improved for multiple OS versions
  • UpdateIcons event responds to Full Color Icon changes


  • Reworked scrolling handlers
  • Insets
  • Center content horizontally


  • New easier design
  • kTimingFunctionEaseOutBack
  • Global timing & duration


  • Rebuilt using Apple API
  • Uses correct color in Dark Mode
  • Compatible with NSPopovers


  • Moves the toolbar to the right
  • Background Styles
  • Auto hiding divider


  • Supports containerControls on pagePanels
  • Uses macOS cursors


  • More options for MessageDialog
  • Keyboard modifiers on buttons
  • Checkbox in a message dialog

OWConfirmDelete Popover

  • OWDestructiveButton on Big Sur and newer

OWQLPreview Controller

  • Add Quicklook functionality to your Mac app

Disable Wallpaper Tinting

  • Adopt the user option to disable for in-focus windows

Mac App Template

  • Start projects with OAK included


  • Big Sur's toolbar search item


  • iOS style control in macOS

OAK2021 also includes these other bits


Build Scripts dynamically in code and have your app execute them.

Error Reporting

Makes it super easy for customers to send error reports back to you.

AppKit Menus

Get the system Window menu and a Sandbox safe recent items menu.


Capture more events, in a window, toolbar or from a canvas class.

Use SF Symbols

Use Apple's massive SF Symbols library, with a fallback for older OSes.

Image Meta Data

Read an write image data from Xojo applications, without bulky libraries.

System Colors

Preview & gain access to Apple's predefined colors for custom controls.

System Information

Access vital info about the computer to provide a better experience.

More Xojo dev tools and components