Monday, July 26, 2021


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Ohanaware App Kit 2021r2

We're pleased to release the latest update to our widly popular Xojo Add-On for making better Mac Apps

Monday, July 26, 2021 - Sam Rowlands

The Ohanaware App Kit 2021 Release 2 is an exciting update to our Xojo Add-on that helps hundreds of Xojo developers to create compelling and modern Mac User Interfaces with the Xojo development environment.

This massive collection of declares, delegates, custom functions and User Interface elements is what we at Ohanaware use to drive the UI of some of our most successful products, App Wrapper, Aqua Swatch, Iconographer Mini, Permissions Reset and HDRtist.

Every customer of the Omegabundle 2021 automatically gets a license to this huge toolkit, which includes a demo application allowing customers to see the objects in action, tinker with the settings, but also figure out how to include these elements into their own Mac applications. Starting with Ohanaware App Kit 2021 we also include a "Mac App Template" which is preconfigured with the Ohanaware App Kit 2021 and awaiting your next exciting Mac Application.

Headline features

Add OWFlexView makes it easier to create more dynamic scrolling interfaces, by stacking items or varying sizes, left to right in rows.

OWFlexView showing the contents of the CoreTypes.bundle Resources folder

Add OWWallpaperConcealer is an easy to add control that will allow customers to make the background and toolbar of the in-focus window opaque, ignoring wallpaper tinting, helping to quickly identify in-focus windows. It can be forced on and includes support for customizing the toolbar color, like Microsoft apps do. OWWallpaperConcealer is active on the right hand side. OWWallpaperConcealer being used to colorize the window title and toolbar.

Add OWSwitch is a replacement for the NSSwitch control. On macOS 10.15 it will use the NSSwitch, but on older versions it will simulate the control, making it easier to adopt the "Switch" control in Mac UIs (native Xojo code, so should work on Windows too). OWSwitch on Mac OS X 10.14, where NSSwitch isn't supported.

Other new features of the 2021r2 update

Ohanaware App Kit was built with Xojo, and the demo application was wrapped with App Wrapper.


Pricing and Availability

Ohanaware App Kit 2021r2 is a FREE update to all participants of the Omegabundle 2021 and is exclusively being sold as part of the Omegabundle 2021, which includes App Wrapper 4 and the best Xojo Add-ons available today.