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What's new in version 2021.1?

OAK Mac Application Template
  • Project template which includes OAK installed and configured
  • Includes a preconfigure Preferences window
  • Starting point for new Mac applications
  • Set up for Window Restoration and auto save
  • Reworked scrolling handlers
  • Smoother collapse animations
  • Insert & append animations
  • Content reveal animations.
  • Floating / Sticky headers.
  • Insets.
  • New easier design
  • kTimingFunctionEaseOutBack
  • Set global timing function
  • Set global animation duration
  • Moves the toolbar to the right
  • Background Styles
  • Auto hiding divider
Full Color Icon Preferences Option
  • Allows the user to choose flat or color icons
  • Sends a notification when changed
  • Auto saves the users choice
  • App properties to control which style of icons to use where
New OAK Demo project
  • Based upon OAK Mac Application Template
  • Shows how to make Xojo made Mac Apps look and feel more native
  • Includes many examples of how to use functionality
OWListboxForAqua (Listbox subclass)
  • Overlay scrollbars
  • Wallpaper Tinted row backgrounds
  • Classic Wide style
  • Big Sur inset style
  • Rebuilt using Apple API
  • Uses correct color in Dark Mode
  • Now compatible with NSPopovers
  • Now works on container controls on page panels
  • Uses the OS supplied divider cursors
  • Further customisation for the MessageDialog
  • Set keyboard modifiers on buttons
  • Display a checkbox in a message dialog
Disable Wallpaper Tinting for Active window
  • Customer settable preferences option
  • Auto saves the users choice
  • Makes in-focus window and toolbar opaque
  • Helps to quicker identify active window
  • use Wallpaper Tinting to help defocus other windows
  • Reworked scrolling handlers
  • Insets
  • Center content horizontally
  • Now supports header rows
  • Improvements across different OS versions
  • UpdateIcons event auto responds to Full Color Icon changes
  • Uses OWDestructiveButton on Big Sur and newer
  • Use the iOS style switch control on 10.15 or newer.
  • Fades the window out on close
  • Add Quicklook functionality to your Mac app
  • Use Big Sur style toolbar search item
  • Works with the new XojoToolbarDelegate
  • Allows more control over toolbar item creation
  • Required for NSearchToolbarItem