Getting started tutorial

A quick start guide illustrating how to get going with HDRtist NX.

Capturing HDR images

Guide on the various different ways of capturing HDR images.

HDRtist NX Controls

A list of the controls and what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to disable control animation

Select "Preferences" from the "HDRtist NX" menu in the menubar, then select "Disable" next to "Control effects".

HDRtist NX on macOS 10.10 "Yosemite"

We found with HDRtist NX that some machines running macOS 10.10 "Yosemite" are unstable, while others are not. If you're experiencing issues with HDRtist NX on macOS 10.10 "Yosemite" we would recommend updating to macOS 10.11 "El Capitan". In the cases were machines were crashing while running this version of the macOS, the crashes were resolved with a newer version of the macOS.

  1. Open the "App Store" application
  2. Use the search box to search for "El Capitan"
  3. Download the "El Capitan" update and open it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions for installing macOS "El Capitan".

Please note that Apple may remove "El Capitan" from the Mac App Store at any time, and at which point we'd recommend choosing the latest OS version available.

What's the difference between "Save" and "Export"?

How do I align the images after I've created the HDR?

So you've created your HDR and realized that it's not perfectly aligned, with other applications you'd have to start again, with HDRtist NX you can "Regenerate" your HDR image at any time *1.

  1. Select "Regenerate HDR" from the "Edit" menu in the menubar.
  2. Check "Align images".
  3. Click on "Generate" to align the images and regenerate the HDR.

*1 There are circumstance where this option is not available, such as dragging photos from Apple's "Photos" into HDRtist NX, if the HDRtist NX document gets deleted and re-saved or when using a single image.

How do I open my HDRtist Pro documents in HDRtist NX?

  1. Drag your HDRtist Pro document to the HDRtist NX icon in the Dock at the bottom of your screen.
  2. The source images will auto load in the window, click on the "Generate" button to create a new HDR with the HDRtist Pro files.
  3. Use the 1-Click Styles, "Master" slider and the other controls to adjust the image to taste.

Because HDRtist NX and HDRtist Pro are two very different beasts with very different HDR generation & tone mapping systems, it's currently not possible to directly convert from HDRtist Pro to HDRtist NX. We're working on improving that for a future version.