Frequently Asked Questions Quick Tutorial

A quick start guide illustrating how to get going with Cardsmith.

Best Results

How to print out the best looking cards from Cardsmith

Creating a card from scratch

How to use Cardsmith to create a brand new design.


How to get rid of margins, and understand why they exist.

Importing Clipart

How to use Clipart from websites within your cards.

Exporting as PDF

How to export your cards as a PDF file, for printing elsewhere.

Card templates are not showing


If you see a screen like above, it general occurs when the application has been moved. It can be solved by selecting "Refresh List" from the "View" menu, we'll get the application to automatically fix this in a future release.

Parts of the card are cut off when printing


If you notice that parts of the card are being cut off when printed, check the print preview. If the preview looks like the above image (noticed that the message is missing the "Merry"), this is related to the printers margins, and there are several solutions.

  1. Change the "Page Setup" to use a "Borderless" paper size. Cancel the print dialog and select "Page Setup" from the "File" menu. In here, change the paper to use a "Borderless" size, then try printing again.
  2. Change the margin options to use a thicker margin. In the print dialog, click on the "Show Details" button and then click on the "Thickest" option.marginOptionsInThePrintDialog
More information on the printer margins can be found by clicking here