Saturday, July 25, 2020



Ohanaware Apps on macOS Big Sur

Is your favorite Ohanaware application ready for Apple's next macOS release?

Saturday, July 25, 2020 - Sam Rowlands

These results are with Beta 3 of Big Sur, we'll update these results when we do more testing or work on the products.

App Report

Appears to be working as expected, some GUI issues with the partial toolbar.


App Wrapper

The interface is a mess, at this point we're in two minds. #1 We're hard at work on App Wrapper 4.0 which has a brand new everything. #2 I will continue to provide updates until App Wrapper 4.0 is ready. Hopefully Beta 4 or newer and the interface will have stabilised.


HDRtist, HDRtist NX2, HDRtist NXL

Testing on beta 3 of Big Sur, shows that (thankfully) its pretty much working as expected. There are issues with the interface that we'll address as we get closer to Big Sur being released.


SVG Converter

Kinda works, Zooming is broken. The Toolbar looks wrong.