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What's New at Ohanaware
August 31st, 2018

App Wrapper 3.8.8 update released

Version changes.

  • App Diagnostics: Now verifies the signing bundle identifier with actual bundle identifiers for nested bundles.
  • App Diagnostics: Now identifies if inherited is set on the main application.
  • App Diagnostics: Now verifies that sub components were signed with the same cert as the app bundle.
  • App Diagnostics: Verify icon no longer fails if there is no "Resources" folder.
  • Wrapping Window: Now has a "Verify" button.
  • Wrapping Report: now shows the path to the file that was packaged, rather than the destination path.
  • Fixed a NilObjectException on open.
  • Fixed it incorrectly displaying the version number on the Open window.
  • Fixed a NOE issue when no cleaning options are configured.
  • Xojo Scripting: Fixed a bug whereby I was using the wrong IDE constant.
  • Open application no longer fails if there is no "Resources" folder.
July 16th, 2018

App Wrapper 3.8.6 update released

Version changes.

  • Added an option to the General pane to specify the "Theming" attribute used in macOS Mojave.
  • Added an option to the General pane to make the application 64-Bit only.
  • Some more internal modifications to help us get closer to App Wrapper 64-Bit.
  • Fixed a "KeyNotFound" issue that can occur if you're using App Wrapper without a valid code signing identity.
  • Now displays the SDK that an application is built against.
  • Adds an indicator against the "Default" language.
  • Verifies that the default language pack exists in the "Resources" folder.
  • If this is a Xojo made application, verifies the default language pack exists in the XojoFramework.
Mar 5th, 2018

App Wrapper 3.8.4 update released

Version changes.

  • Includes a workaround for a change in API that's broken several parts of App Wrapper.
  • Option to disable the DropBox checking
Jan 16th, 2018

App Wrapper 3.8.3 update released

Version changes.

  • Handles code signing certificates with missing information far more elegantly.
  • Improved the purchase routine so it shouldn't cause any issues any more.
  • Markdown converter in ORCA framework can now handle [ & ] without link information.
  • Fixed an issue with importing some older App Wrapper 2.5 files.
  • An issue whereby the "Current" Alias within a Framework was actually a folder.
  • An issue where the code signing certificate contains a single quote in the name.
  • More internal changes to better support our newer frameworks.
Jun 12th, 2017

App Wrapper 3.8 update released

High Sierra DP ready, new identity selector & App Diagnostics.

The "App Diagnostics" feature of App Wrapper 3.8 is a very significant as it's built upon our PTE4 engine, a complete redesign of the App Wrapper engine. For the moment we're using it help track down issues with applications and to offer improvements. This engine will be used to replace the existing engine within App Wrapper.

  • Option to wrap Mac App Store apps to a different folder.
  • New identity selector, more informative and should reduce incorrect identity usage.
  • Now auto adds the Entitlements to the Resources folder (like Xcode).
  • App Wrapper is now built with the latest version of Xojo.
  • New Tools menu to make it easier to find all the tools that App Wrapper includes.
  • Selecting "Updates" from the "App Wrapper" menu, now forces it to check for updates, rather than showing already downloaded information.
  • Improved Entitlements readout.
  • No longer generates errors in App Wrapper when wrapping a "BitRock Installer".
  • No longer generates errors in App Diagnostics when checking a "BitRock Installer".
  • Some slight visual improvements.
  • Some minor tweaks to ORCA.
  • Visual adjustments to the "Help Checker".
  • Right Click Remove from the DMG signer, now removes all selected rows.
  • Removed all the legacy code that was preventing App Wrapper from being built in the most recent version of Xojo.
  • Fixed a bug with ORCA's error reporting.
  • Fixed a typo NSPricipalClass instead of NSPrincpleClass.
Please note that App Wrapper currently doesn't decompile or compare actual code; so code related issues cannot be checked.