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What's New at Ohanaware
Apr 13th, 2017

App Wrapper 3.7.1 update released

3.7.1 Changes

  • Now includes our brand new ORCA based update system.
  • Fix for a fix that was preventing list box cell from updating correctly.
  • No longer complains when it encounters @3x image assets.
  • App Wrapper can now be scripted to code sign DMG files.
Feb 28th, 2017

App Wrapper 3.7 update released

3.7 Changes -- Feb 28th

  • New Code signing diagnostics to help narrow down some of the more complicated code signing issues on Sierra.
  • Improved the handling of the code sign function failure, it frequently returns false positives now.
  • Updated the App Wrapper DMG to use a custom icon.
  • Xoxo Script automatically strip acls, xattrs & resource forks.
  • DMG signer now identifies when wrong certificate is used to sign a DMG file.
  • Can now force sign already signed DMG files, hold down the option key while right clicking on a DMG in the list.
  • Tries harder to delete folders that in the way of symbolic links when fixing frameworks.
  • Better reporting at which framework can't be fixed.
  • Attempt to track down which Symbolic Link is at fault.
  • If the wrapped destination is DropBox, then request the user select a different location.
  • Alt clicking on a language checkbox should auto highlight the others, even if it's not selected.
  • When a icon file isn't found, add a bit more diagnostic info to help figure out where!.
  • Ability to set CFBundleVersion & CFBundleShortVersionString from the simple scriptRemoved the additional Sierra checking that was slowing down the application.
  • Fixed a refresh issue with various property lists.
Oct 30th, 2016

App Wrapper 3.6.4 update released

Sierra compatibility release

  • More changes to accommodate code signing on Sierra.
Sep 28th, 2016

App Wrapper 3.6.3 update released

Sierra compatibility release

  • DMG Signer now works again on Sierra GM & 10.11.6
  • Improved the error handling with the DMG Canvas integration.
Sep 21st, 2016

App Wrapper 3.6.2 update released

Sierra compatibility release

  • Improved the reliability of code signing on Sierra.
  • Improved the reliability of debugging in Xojo on Sierra.
  • Fixed an issue with the Apple Script entitlements editor.
  • App Wrappers internal code sign tester should work more reliably on Sierra.
August 8th, 2016

App Wrapper 3.6.1

Sierra update to our App utility

  • Auto removes Resource forks (for Sierra compatibility).
  • Auto removes text from Short string version when shipping for App Store.
  • Checks for the existence of the Help folder before wrapping.
  • Minor DMG signer usability improvements.
  • DMG Signer now alerts when the DMG file is in the Trash.
  • If nested bundles contain minor issues, no longer prevents wrapping.
  • Disabled "Use same identifier for all components" (Sierra compatibility).
  • Force enable signed Time Stamping (Sierra compatibility).
  • Fixes an ICNS issue with classic format icon representations.
  • Fixes an issue with registration window.
  • Fixed a bug in the new identity selector, where it could display "Unknown".