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The fun & easy way to edit, print
and share photos on your Mac

Buy or Try Funtastic Photos today, and see how it can improve your pictures.

Funtastic Photos is an amazingly powerful, feature-packed, easy to use little photo editor application. The user interface is clean and uncluttered in homage to iLife conventions, but a vast array of photo correction and enhancement tools are included.

Really easy to use

See just how easy it is

When we say "Easy to use" we mean "Really easy to use!". The media and our customers have literally described Funtastic Photos, as the Mac photo software without a learning curve, a solution that everyone can use.

Thinking; how can we make picture editing easier, is when we came up with 1-Click Styles and other great technologies.

"1-Click Styles"; make editing pictures a breeze, and are the definition of easy. 1 click, and the image is transformed (Advanced control is conveniently in the "Advanced Options").

Even finding your photo is easy. Our browser features direct iPhoto integration, Quicklook and previews (Aperture users, can use the "Photo" source in the Open dialog).

Download the Free Trial or Buy Fun Photos and experience for yourself how easy our Mac picture editing software is.

60 1-Click Styles, Easy Photo Editing easily fix and improve photo with Funtastic Photos Faking that old style is too easy with Funtastic Photos non-permanent / non-destructive photo editing software is here, thanks to our Mac Photo Editor Funtastic Photos. Options for nearly all our Photo Effects, adjusting them is easy and yet they can product very different effects Lighthouse made into a Fake HDR Photo

Photo Editing

Do you want to fix some less than perfect photos? Frame a great picture? Add a funny caption to an image? Make a great photo, a superb piece of art? Yeah, so do we! With Funtastic Photos you can do these things and more with your pictures.

Over 60 1-Click Styles await, making it a cinch to frame a picture, fix a not so stella image, intensify a great photo, confess your love (romantic effects), travel back in time (vintage photography), fake the HDR look or turn a photo into a pencil illustration or painting.

Underneath the 1-Click Styles, we have a powerful and flexible effects engine. There's more than 40 effects, which can be manually adjusted. They're all grouped in one location and can be changed on the fly. You can even use the effects to build your own custom 1-Click Styles or modify existing styles.

See some examples

Download the Free Trial or Buy Today and improve bad photos or enhance great ones.

Live Photo Editing

Also know as Reversible editing or non-destructive editing is the unsung hero of Funtastic Photos and it's embedded right in the core.

With Live Photo Editing we never alter or harm your original photo, instead effects are applied on top the photo. Any edit to your photo can be changed or removed at any time, minutes, days or years later. Using this system we can easily Revert your edited photo back to it's Original state, whenever you may want it, or you can simply dial down an effect, or enhance a specific area.

Fun Photos own file format has been custom engineered to complement Live Photo Editing, with the added benefit that you can recover your original image even on a computer that doesn't have Funtastic Photos.

Buy Now or get a Free Trial and enjoy the safer & easier way to edit images. Only our Mac photo software, Funtastic Photos features this technology.

See a demonstration of Live Photo Editing
Shine - Lighting effects software HDRtist Pro - HDR software Photo Samurai - Give Photos a New Twist
Add lighting effects to Photos
HDRtist Pro
Create awesome HDR images
Fun Greetings Deluxe
Print photos as greetings cards
Photo Samurai
Give photos a unique style.
Funtastic Photos also is a Photo Cube Maker as well as an Easy Photo Editor

See layouts in action

Photo Printing

A major feature of Fun Photos is the smart Wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) printing system. Included is a bunch of creative layouts, for arranging your photos. Ranging from 1,2,4,7 layouts, photo walls, mini Fun Books & Yearly posters.

Making unique and special Greetings Cards is easy with our photo editor, use your own pictures (and some captions) to create beautiful Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Thank you cards and Congratulations cards.

If you're into scrapbooks or scrapbooking, join others who use Fun Photos for enhancing and labeling their pictures, before arranging their photos in our fantastic layouts.

Photo Cubes are a superb way of showing off your pictures, throw 6 images into our Photo Cube template and print. The Cube even includes assembly directions, however, one is never enough.

Photo Mosaics

Photo Mosaics or Picture Collages are those amazing posters which are built up of individual photos. These wondrous pictures are found all over the world, and are truly amazing to look at. At Ohanaware, we absolutely love these posters and we wanted an easy way to make our own Photo Mosaics.

So we built a straightforward mosaic generation tool directly into Funtastic Photos.

It's a great feature to have at no extra cost, a separate program for building photo mosaics can easily cost $50!

Download a Free Trial or Buy it now and start making your own Photo Mosaics today.

Eric's (a Fun Photos customer) tutorial for huge Photo Mosaic Posters


Photo Sharing

Sharing photos online is a great way to show everyone (inc. Parents & Grandparents) your amazing pictures. Fun Photos makes sharing photos online, second nature. An easy to access "Share" button enables a single photo to be uploaded to the photo sharing sites that you use. Built-in support for sharing to online services such as Flickr, Facebook, & Twitter. No other software required.

Do you miss the Apple iCard's feature from the old iTools? We did, so we built it into Funtastic Photos. Send brilliant and unique Fun Cards, using your own photos. A bunch of customization features help to create really cool fun cards.

Other sharing options, include iPhoto ( which also syncs with iPhone/iPod ), bluetooth, iChat (message appears in the current conversation) & even the ability to quickly set your picture as the desktop picture.

Purchase or download a Free Trial and save time sharing your amazing photos

Value For Money?

Funtastic Photos represents fantastic value for money, in fact it's the best value for money photo editor, printing and sharing software on the market today. Don't take our word for it, Macworld even said so in their review! Read Macworld 4 out of 5 review

When you purchase Funtastic Photos, you're not just getting a bargain, you're saving money and time. See the table below to see just how much value you're getting.

Picture Editor (w. advanced control)$ 59.00
Book (on how to use above software)$ 49.99
Printing Software$ 29.00
Mosaic Software$ 49.99
Sharing Software$ 30.00
Total:$ 217.98
Fun Photos:$ 29.99
Saving:$ 187.99

Even after spending $ 217.98, you're still missing features and be prepared to spend time learning how to use each program.

Product Comparison

Fun PhotosPhoto StyleriCollagePSE
Photo Fixing
Vintage Photos
Photo Enhancing
Advanced Editing
Photo Layouts
Greeting Cards
Online Sharing
Photo Mosaics
Photo Cubes
Live Photo Editing

= Limited, PSE = Photoshop Elements 8.0

Media Reviews

MacWorld 4 out of 5     MacFormat 4 out of 5
MacWorld & MacFormat awarded Funtastic Photos 4/5

Customer Comments

"IT"S FANTASTIC!!! This does everything I have been looking for and a whole lot more. I love the fact there is virtually no learning curve."
- Robert Jewell

"I have been having a great time with the program - as a 71 year old, doing all sorts of things I probably shouldn't be doing with pictures of my grandchildren."
- Geoff Cutts, Australia.

"this software is so much fun to play with. I'm a professional Web designer that uses Photoshop daily, but it can't create these cool effects as easily! Thanks"
- Patty Carney

"I want to say excellent application. I played with it for almost a hour and purchased it happily"
- Scott Lopez, Canada

"I really love it, it's just a shame it's a mac only think, but saying that it works with everything on the mac & all my photos are on mac anyways"
- Geraldine Goodhart, UK

Do you love Funtastic Photos, if so why not let us know? Your quote could be here.

System Requirements

Making your Mac work harder for you

The Apple Image IO Kit is installed on every Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 (Tiger) or newer, it enables our image editor to open and save a wide variety of formats including RAW images.

Core Graphics has been around since 10.0, and gives us gorgeous looking graphics that other software can only dream about.

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